Design W04: In-line Alternative Content (List)

My Design Workflow

  1. Ideation starts when I am inspired by an event or situation.
    1. When it is a good idea, I progress it to Design.
    2. If it's a crap idea, it stays in ideation for more work.
    3. If improved with more work, I progress it to Design.
    4. If it is really crap. I bin it.
  2. Design work generally starts with pen sketching.
    1. First, I choose appropriate characters from the library to match the scene.
    2. Then I develop the script into the three frames. It's the hardest part.
    3. And then I develop the layout.
  3. Using Adobe Illustrator:
    1. The design is refined as necessary.
    2. The strip is finalized.
  4. When ready, I Publish the strip to whatever media it fits.


The figure and toggle button strategy is abandoned. The copy text is made available to all users.

To remove ambiguity, the list copy is improved to describe the process and inconnection between tasks and softwares, etc. The image content an inferior experience as the list is numbered, the image workflow nodes should also be numbered to enable clear cross-referencing strategy for those who may benefit it. A person with visual or multi-modal learning preferences and styles may benefit, while people with processing disorders may not relate the illustrated flow to the formal list. The image is no longer fit to purpose.