Design W05: Enhancing the Inclusive Experience

My Design Workflow

  1. Ideation starts when I am inspired by an event or situation.
    1. When it is a good idea, I progress it to Design.
    2. If it's a crap idea, it stays in ideation for more work.
    3. If improved with more work, I progress it to Design.
    4. If it is really crap. I bin it.
  2. Design work generally starts with pen sketching.
    1. First, I choose appropriate characters from the library to match the scene.
    2. Then I develop the script into the three frames. It's the hardest part.
    3. And then I develop the layout.
  3. Using Adobe Illustrator:
    1. The design is refined as necessary.
    2. The strip is finalized.
  4. When ready, I Publish the strip to whatever media it fits.


The alternative figure content strategy is not required. The img no longer needs an alternative text, either. The HTML content is the primary source of the information. Screen reader users have no need for the image.

The updated image and list match without breaking DRY principles, too. The image supports visual preferences for the diagram. Everyone can access the content with a comparable experience.


<img class="dieux__img" src="../img/dieUX-workflow-1000px.png" width="720" height="831" alt="">